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March 12, 20182018 Maintenance BidsDownload
March 26, 2018Swan Valley Golf Subdivision ReconstructionDownload
November 21, 2017Design Services Orr Road over the Marsh CreekDownload
November 21, 2017Design Services Sheridan Road over the Flint RiverDownload
September 19, 2017Silverwood Subdivision PavingDownload
September 7, 2017Eischer Road PavingDownload
August 14, 2017Hospital Rd. Drainage & PavingDownload
July 5, 2017Furnishing and Hauling Placing 23 Natural GravelDownload
June 15, 2017Bradley Road ResurfacingDownload
April 10, 2017Fergus Road Storm CrossingDownload
 2017 Maintenance BidsDownload
March 30, 2017Tittabawassee Road Concrete RepairsDownload
February 20, 2017Saginaw Road Commission HVAC RevisionsDownload
January 17th, 2017Design Services – East Rathbun Road (Morseville Rd. to Moorish Rd.)Download