The Board of County Road Commissioners of Saginaw County is a municipal corporation, legally established and defined by State Law. It is charged with the responsibility for maintaining and reconstructing county roads in Saginaw County. The Board of Road Commissioners in Saginaw County is composed of five members who are appointed by the County Board of Commissioners for staggered six year terms. We would like to introduce our board members:

Dave Adams

Todd M. Hare


Deb Kestner

John D. Sangster

Richard H. Crannell, P.E.



The Managing Director is responsible for all Road Commission activities. Reporting to the Managing Director are the departments of Engineering, Maintenance, Finance, Fleet & Facilities, and Information Services. Department directors are responsible for overseeing all day-to-day activities engaged in by the Saginaw County Road Commission employees.

Thumb_County_MapSaginaw County Road Districts Saginaw County is divided up into several maintenance districts each with a District Foreman who reports directly to the Maintenance Superintendent. The District Foreman oversees the activities of the various work crews within his/her district. (Districts one is a special county wide maintenance crew)

The Director of Engineering is responsible for the design of all road and bridge construction on the county road system. The Director of Finance and Benefits is responsible for maintaining financial records and preparing reports for projecting revenue and expenditures. The Director of Maintenance is responsible for all existing road, bridge, and drainage maintenance on the county road system. Also reporting to the Managing Director is the Administrative Assistant who acts as the Board Secretary. The Board Secretary is responsible for all records maintained by the Saginaw County Road Commission.

Finally there is the support staff: sign crew and maintenance personnel who work very hard year round to ensure you have a quality built and well maintained road system. We are very proud of the work that our employees do on a regular basis, often at times in extreme weather conditions, and we hope that you are completely satisfied with our performance and the Saginaw County Road System.